Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Unskilled jobs in Kuwait

Kuwait is a paradise of jobs for both skilled and unskilled labors. A small yet economically powerful country, Kuwait offers numerous jobs in multiple categories for people from all skill sets and expertise. The entire gulf countries, especially Kuwait and UAE are looking for unskilled workers as lot of infrastructure development is taking place in these countries. Let us see in brief, the common unskilled categories and job opportunities for them in Middle-East countries.

 Who are unskilled labors?

Unskilled labor provides a significant part of the overall labor market, performing daily production tasks that do not depend on technical abilities or skills. Menial or repetitive tasks are typical unskilled labor positions. Jobs that can be fully learned in less than 30 days often fall into the unskilled labor category.

Unskilled labor can be used to identify both the type of work being completed as well as the employee completing it. In the case of it identifying the tasks, they are generally menial and repetitive in nature, requiring very little, if any, education or training to be completed successfully. These positions are often low paying and considered entry-level.

Industries for unskilled workers

There are several job industries those employee unskilled workers. Especially in Kuwait, the oil and gas industry, construction industry, infrastructure development sector, tourism and travel industry, hospitality industry, hotel and food sector etc… are major employers of unskilled workers.

An unskilled worker in Kuwait can find job in Kuwait as a construction worker, driver, hotel staff, cleaner, helper, mechanical assistants, maintenance employee etc… many other job sectors and job categories are also opened for them in Kuwait. 

How to find job in Kuwait?

Most of the unskilled workers are directly recruited by the employer. Large numbers of expats are working as unskilled labors in Kuwait. Though salary is comparably less for unskilled workers, job opportunities are great for them.

Many online job portals that operate in Kuwait those help unskilled workers to find desired jobs. Wazeefa1 is one of such leading job portal in Kuwait. You can visit the site and apply for your desired job in few easy steps on wazeefa1 portal. 

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Thursday, June 2, 2016

How to Earn Respect in the Office?

You know your self-worth and are confident in your ability to do good work. Maybe you'd even like to implement changes in your office in order to make it a more efficient and productive operation. There’s just one problem: Your more tenured colleagues dismiss your ideas and give you busy work every chance they get. Just because you’re the least experienced in the room, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have any answers or that you should get stuck doing only mundane, tedious tasks. Like anyone else, you deserve to be heard.

There are three things that you can start doing right now to prove your value:

1. Offer to Help With Others’ Workload

If you feel as though the work being assigned to you isn’t allowing you to shine or if it’s a far cry from what you believe you were hired to do, see if you can at least have a hand on a big project that someone in your department is overseeing. This lets you prove you’re a team player, while simultaneously giving you the chance to gain new experiences and display your skills.

If you know where you can deliver, aim to show your colleagues that you’re capable of jumping in and rising to the occasion-no matter how insignificant that task may seem at the time.

2. Share Information and Ideas

Make one of your daily practices reading up on your industry and current trends. It doesn’t matter if you do this by following certain outlets on Twitter or subscribing to newsletters. Simply staying informed allows you to feel confident when giving input and contributing to your team. But don’t stop there: Go ahead and give your team regular updates.

Of course, since you are the least experienced in the group, it is expected that you’ll be seeking guidance and advice from your more tenured peers, but that doesn’t mean you can’t give back and contribute to the conversation as well. If you present your learning in a way that’s useful, your co-workers will likely begin to appreciate your presence—especially if they're psyched to try that quick and easy inbox de-cluttering hack you learned over the weekend.

3. Focus on Relationships

It’s always good to have people in your corner. Focus on building relationships with your colleagues, and try to involve them in your career pursuits. Establishing workplace camaraderie takes time and effort, but if it means eventually surrounding yourself with allies and supporters who want to see you become successful, it’s worth it many times over.

Establishing a connection with at least a couple of your co-workers will pay off for so many reasons, and best of all, one of them may even turn into your mentor. And having a mentor in your office is huge. This person can be your biggest advocate while helping you navigate through the first few years of your career.

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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Senior Mechanical Engineer Job in Kuwait

Job Description:

  • Provide leadership and subject matter expertise to the project to achieve time, cost, quality and safety objectives
  • Monitor and report on the production of information with respect to the discipline-related services submittal progress
  • Review submitted shop drawings and material submittals (and the like) against the drawings and specifications, local codes and statutory requirements and international best practice
  • Check and ensure co-ordination between discipline-related services works and all other disciplines
  • Provide technical input and experience to resolve discipline-related engineering issues on the Project
  • Monitor the Engineers and Inspectors performance to ensure that they are fulfilling their roles and responsibilities
  • Maintain open communication with the client and contractor\'s discipline engineers on project related issues
  • Coordinate the works to ensure successful project hand-over
  • Maintain a daily project related diary
  • Prepare project reports (written and photographic) on progress of works, quality and technical conformance of the works, safety and other matters
  • Attend technical and progress meetings with the contractor/client\'s representative
  • Identify issues and risks that need to be brought to the attention of senior project management as necessary. Actively manage the QA/QC project requirement with the related discipline
  • Prepare correspondence on subject matter expertise to issue to the client/contractor as required to meet project objectives
  • Primary point of contact for Project Team Leader and senior site personnel on project related issues
  • Maintain an open dialogue with the relevant authorities
  • Supervise and technically assist discipline Engineers/Inspectors

Job Details
Candidates must be residing in :                     Kuwait
Job ID:                                                            11327
Job Title:                                                         Senior Mechanical Engineer
Company Name:                                             One Step Recruiters
Career Level:                                                   Mid Career (2+ years of experience)
Section:                                                           Engineering
Experience required:                                       2 to 5 Years
Educational Level:                                          not specified
Salary:                                                             Not Specified
The nature of the job:                                      Full Time

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Customer Relations Specialist Job in Kuwait

Job Description:

  • Provides support to customers in real time
  • Develop an appropriate response to the particular consumers comment
  • Determine the problem / sentiment of posts and how we would respond to it
  • Determine whether or not certain situations require a response and determine if response should be online or addressed offline
  • Recognizes customer trends and recommends actionable solutions
  • Partner with the Social Media team to ensure that the Social landscape is monitored and questions/comments/issues regarding the brand are addressed appropriately
  • Supports and protects nationally recognized brand by ensuring appropriate messaging is maintained in community
  • Manages on-line discussions by listening to users, reading between the lines and responding in a timely manner to users needs and requests
  • Collects and analyzes metrics involved with all of our social media platforms
  • Monitors and tracks discussion topics for management team

Job Details
Candidates must be residing in :                                  Kuwait
Job ID:                                                                         11301
Job Title:                                                                      Customer Relations Specialist
Company Name:                                                           Future Solutions
Career Level:                                                                Mid Career (2+ years of experience)
Section:                                                                        Marketing
Experience required:                                                    2 to 5 Years
The nature of the job:                                                   Full Time

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Product Marketing Manager Job in Saudi Arabia

Job Description:

  • Develop marketing content for landing pages, emails, collateral, and promotional pieces along-side marketing operations, design, and copywriting teams
  • Craft nurturing campaigns that measure prospect engagement and deliver dynamic content to pique prospect interest
  • Create and deliver sales enablement tools to ensure success of marketing programs
  • Develop an understanding of the buyer and user personas for our products and establish solution-based value propositions accordingly
  • Contribute to the overall go-to-market strategy for launching new products/offerings for division
  • Leverage competitive intel to drive key content marketing decisions
  • Recommend, grow, and optimize targeted and dynamic marketing programs to solicit prospect interest
  • Measure and report on lead quality and volume in the context of campaign effectiveness and pipeline management
  • Work with product management team to drive and outline technical requirements and enhancements to increase product adoption

Job Details
Candidates must be residing in :      Saudi Arabia
Job ID:                                               11135
Job Title:                                            Product Marketing Manager
Company Name:                                Bold-Jobs
Career Level:                                     Management (Manager/Director of Staff)
Section:                                               Computer and Software
Experience required:                        5 to 7 Years
The nature of the job:                       Full Time

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Know about employment contracts in Kuwait

Every employee, expat or Kuwaiti national, needs to sign an employment contract before entering into a job in Kuwait. The job contract is nothing, but a letter of agreement between the Kuwaiti employer and the appointed employee. This will contain the conditions of employment and perhaps include a detailed job description, indicating responsibilities and performance standards. 

On arrival in Kuwait, you can ask for this document to be formalized, with an official Ministry version in Arabic, or attested to by a notary, although there’s little advantage in doing so. A verbal agreement is possible, but a written agreement is, of course, preferable.
Finding a job in Kuwait is not an easy task as employers are highly demanding. The Kuwaiti job standards are comparably high, thus you can find a job in Kuwait, only if you are exceptionally talented. Kuwait offers jobs in multiple industries and oil & gas field jobs, finance jobs, accountant jobs etc… are top jobs in Kuwait.

In Kuwait, your contract specifies your basic salary, job title, duties and responsibilities, the period of your contract, and possibly also details of the reporting structure and performance measures of the company. An employment contract should also contain termination conditions, including required notice of intent to terminate the contract on either side or liabilities to be incurred in respect of breaking the conditions of the contract. Your contract might include the phrase ‘employment subject to obtaining the necessary permits’. This is unlikely to present problems, but make sure that you’re able to obtain the required visas, etc. before committing yourself to the move abroad.

Kuwait has sophisticated, computerized control of their labor force and specify job categories that are open to foreign labor. Certain employment is reserved for nationals, particularly in the service industries. You might, therefore, find that your contract gives you the job title you would expect, but the official version on your work visa is something quite different. This might be because of full job quotas or other reasons. You’re sometimes required to attend the Ministry on the completion of your contract to ensure that you have no complaints and to cancel your work visa.

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Sunday, March 27, 2016

Secretary job in Oman

Job Description
  • Providing basic office services, such as distributing mail, answering phone calls, and greeting guests.
  • Scheduling meetings and conference calls.
  • Making travel arrangements, including airline, hotel, ground transportation, and visa applications.
  • Organizing and planning office events and meetings.
  • Coordinating production of meeting and presentation materials.
  • Preparing and sending client invoices.
  • Reconciling all accounts monthly and creating finance reports.
  • Processing, submitting and recording payroll, including expense reimbursements and related benefits.
  • Monitoring, maintaining, and procuring office equipment, facilities, and supplies.
  • Ensuring filing systems are maintained and current.
  • Assist with new employee on-boarding 
  • Provides other administrative support as needed.

Job Details:
Candidates must be residing in :                    Oman
Job ID:                                                              10846
Job Title:                                                          Secretary
Company Name:                                              FORCE MOTORS
Career Level:                                                   Mid Career (2+ years of experience)
Section:                                                             Administration
Experience required:                                       2 to 5 Years
Educational Level:                                           not specified
Salary:                                                               Not Specified
The nature of the job:                                      Full Time