Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Customer Relations Specialist Job in Kuwait

Job Description:

  • Provides support to customers in real time
  • Develop an appropriate response to the particular consumers comment
  • Determine the problem / sentiment of posts and how we would respond to it
  • Determine whether or not certain situations require a response and determine if response should be online or addressed offline
  • Recognizes customer trends and recommends actionable solutions
  • Partner with the Social Media team to ensure that the Social landscape is monitored and questions/comments/issues regarding the brand are addressed appropriately
  • Supports and protects nationally recognized brand by ensuring appropriate messaging is maintained in community
  • Manages on-line discussions by listening to users, reading between the lines and responding in a timely manner to users needs and requests
  • Collects and analyzes metrics involved with all of our social media platforms
  • Monitors and tracks discussion topics for management team

Job Details
Candidates must be residing in :                                  Kuwait
Job ID:                                                                         11301
Job Title:                                                                      Customer Relations Specialist
Company Name:                                                           Future Solutions
Career Level:                                                                Mid Career (2+ years of experience)
Section:                                                                        Marketing
Experience required:                                                    2 to 5 Years
The nature of the job:                                                   Full Time

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Product Marketing Manager Job in Saudi Arabia

Job Description:

  • Develop marketing content for landing pages, emails, collateral, and promotional pieces along-side marketing operations, design, and copywriting teams
  • Craft nurturing campaigns that measure prospect engagement and deliver dynamic content to pique prospect interest
  • Create and deliver sales enablement tools to ensure success of marketing programs
  • Develop an understanding of the buyer and user personas for our products and establish solution-based value propositions accordingly
  • Contribute to the overall go-to-market strategy for launching new products/offerings for division
  • Leverage competitive intel to drive key content marketing decisions
  • Recommend, grow, and optimize targeted and dynamic marketing programs to solicit prospect interest
  • Measure and report on lead quality and volume in the context of campaign effectiveness and pipeline management
  • Work with product management team to drive and outline technical requirements and enhancements to increase product adoption

Job Details
Candidates must be residing in :      Saudi Arabia
Job ID:                                               11135
Job Title:                                            Product Marketing Manager
Company Name:                                Bold-Jobs
Career Level:                                     Management (Manager/Director of Staff)
Section:                                               Computer and Software
Experience required:                        5 to 7 Years
The nature of the job:                       Full Time

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Know about employment contracts in Kuwait

Every employee, expat or Kuwaiti national, needs to sign an employment contract before entering into a job in Kuwait. The job contract is nothing, but a letter of agreement between the Kuwaiti employer and the appointed employee. This will contain the conditions of employment and perhaps include a detailed job description, indicating responsibilities and performance standards. 

On arrival in Kuwait, you can ask for this document to be formalized, with an official Ministry version in Arabic, or attested to by a notary, although there’s little advantage in doing so. A verbal agreement is possible, but a written agreement is, of course, preferable.
Finding a job in Kuwait is not an easy task as employers are highly demanding. The Kuwaiti job standards are comparably high, thus you can find a job in Kuwait, only if you are exceptionally talented. Kuwait offers jobs in multiple industries and oil & gas field jobs, finance jobs, accountant jobs etc… are top jobs in Kuwait.

In Kuwait, your contract specifies your basic salary, job title, duties and responsibilities, the period of your contract, and possibly also details of the reporting structure and performance measures of the company. An employment contract should also contain termination conditions, including required notice of intent to terminate the contract on either side or liabilities to be incurred in respect of breaking the conditions of the contract. Your contract might include the phrase ‘employment subject to obtaining the necessary permits’. This is unlikely to present problems, but make sure that you’re able to obtain the required visas, etc. before committing yourself to the move abroad.

Kuwait has sophisticated, computerized control of their labor force and specify job categories that are open to foreign labor. Certain employment is reserved for nationals, particularly in the service industries. You might, therefore, find that your contract gives you the job title you would expect, but the official version on your work visa is something quite different. This might be because of full job quotas or other reasons. You’re sometimes required to attend the Ministry on the completion of your contract to ensure that you have no complaints and to cancel your work visa.

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Sunday, March 27, 2016

Secretary job in Oman

Job Description
  • Providing basic office services, such as distributing mail, answering phone calls, and greeting guests.
  • Scheduling meetings and conference calls.
  • Making travel arrangements, including airline, hotel, ground transportation, and visa applications.
  • Organizing and planning office events and meetings.
  • Coordinating production of meeting and presentation materials.
  • Preparing and sending client invoices.
  • Reconciling all accounts monthly and creating finance reports.
  • Processing, submitting and recording payroll, including expense reimbursements and related benefits.
  • Monitoring, maintaining, and procuring office equipment, facilities, and supplies.
  • Ensuring filing systems are maintained and current.
  • Assist with new employee on-boarding 
  • Provides other administrative support as needed.

Job Details:
Candidates must be residing in :                    Oman
Job ID:                                                              10846
Job Title:                                                          Secretary
Company Name:                                              FORCE MOTORS
Career Level:                                                   Mid Career (2+ years of experience)
Section:                                                             Administration
Experience required:                                       2 to 5 Years
Educational Level:                                           not specified
Salary:                                                               Not Specified
The nature of the job:                                      Full Time

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Top 5 job websites in Kuwait

Though a small country in the Arab League, Kuwait gains attention and importance when the economic development and high standard of living conditions are concerned. Apart from that, Kuwait is a leading job provider among the gulf countries. Though most of the workforce in Kuwait comprises of expat workers, Kuwaiti nationals are reserved for certain government and private roles and finding a job for a Kuwaiti national is no hard task. There are several recruitment services and job portal serving the recruitment sector in Kuwait. Let us see few of such sites listed according to the popularity and effective recruitment statistics.

1.       Bayt is the #1 job site in the Middle East, offering a complete range of end-to-end employment solutions and career planning tools. Founded in 2000, is fully functional in English, Arabic and French, and offers the fastest, easiest, most effective and cost-efficient methods for employers to find quality candidates, and for job seekers to find top jobs, in the Middle East and North Africa. Bayt has 12 regional offices in Abu Dhabi, Al Kuwait, Amman, Beirut, Cairo, Doha, Dubai, Eastern Province, Jeddah, Manama, Muscat and Riyadh

Wazeefa1 is a Kuwait based job portal which is headquartered in Kuwait itself. While most of other job portals target expat workers, Wazeefa1 gives priority to people in Kuwait. This modern job search website operates in all gulf countries like Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon and Oman.  Wazefa1 is specialized in gulf recruitments and millions of users find their services helpful.

2.       Monstergulf

Founded in 1994 by Jeff Taylor,  remains the most used job search platform in the world. Today monster operates on more than 40 countries and an estimated 200 million people have registered on this job portal. Monstergulf is the portal targeting the Arab job market including Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain etc… Monstergulf is a leading recruitment website which helps millions of people in Kuwait to land in their dream career.

34.       Gulftalent

Founded in 2005, GulfTalent is the leading online recruitment portal in the Middle East, used by over 6 million experienced professionals from all sectors and job categories. It serves both local and expatriate talent to over 8,000 employers and recruitment agencies across the region. The team also brings together a wealth of international experience across four continents.
5.       Q8cv is one of the leading job search portal in Kuwait which provides the right, high quality candidates to the demanding job market and supplying professionals for well reputed business organizations while covering all sectors of the job market. Q8cv’s operation base is mainly Kuwait and it serves both expats and Kuwait nationals to land in their dream jobs. 

Monday, March 14, 2016

Most popular jobs in Kuwait

Unlike most of the western and Asian countries, Arab nations fully depend upon the oil wealth. Their economy is based on oil price and demand; thus the oil industry becomes the greatest employer in majority of countries. Though IT and other industries are slowly picking up, the oil industry remains the backbone of these countries. When reviewed from a job seeker outlook, jobs related to oil and gas industry are dominant in the gulf job market; Kuwait is no exception to this.

The past decade witnessed the peak and bottom of oil price and as a result of this fluctuation many gulf countries have started to think out of the box and plans were announced to boost other areas like infrastructure, IT, education etc… Infrastructure jobs always come in the top lists in gulf jobs. Great many people work in this sector and engineering jobs, unskilled labor jobs etc… are largely reported from the infrastructure development section in gulf.

Office jobs are a great attraction for job seekers in Kuwait. In every sector there may be demand for sales people, accountants and administrators. Accounting and vacancies double each year as the government policies of encouraging startups and IT firms. Dubai has already setup lag scale IT parks like Dubai Media City. Many Arab countries are following this path; thus increasing the office jobs like accounting, administration and sales.

High predictions are coming that dependency on oil wealth is deliberately decreased by administrators in gulf countries. A shift in types of labor may sweep the region in the coming years. Unskilled workers were the most in demand in the past few decades and now this preference has given way to skilled and professional employees. Medical jobs, media jobs, finance jobs, HR jobs etc… are attracting people into the Kuwaiti job market today.

However the Kuwait job market is will not be the same in future. New job sectors will emerge and the demand for new professionals will increase. Experts say that even when the oil price is bottom-lined, the gulf will remain the dreamland for job seekers.

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Sunday, March 13, 2016

Working in Kuwait in the Oil Fields

Kuwait is a heaven of job seekers as this oil rich country offers best employment opportunities and great employer benefits. Though there are almost all job sectors opened for recruitment the oil sector is the largest employer in Kuwait. Both skilled and unskilled workers are in huge demand in various oil fields in Kuwait. Kuwait is one of the largest oil exporters in the Middle East and their daily production is around 2.6million barrels a day. Kuwait has proven oil reserves of 102 billion barrels which means for several years to come, the oil industry will require huge work force.

Oil field require petro chemical engineers, maintenance engineers, installation staff, lab testing and analysis staff, chemical engineers, geologists, welders and fitters, medical staff, unskilled labors etc… each oil field itself is a huge industry where thousands of people work in shifts. Engineers top the job ranks as they are the most technically trained people in the oil fields. Majority of total engineers recruited into Kuwait is employed in the oil fields. Engineers from every stream, such as petro chemical engineers, computer engineers, electrical engineers, chemical engineers etc… can find various  jobs in Kuwait

After the engineers it is the semi skilled workforce that is in huge demand in Kuwaiti oil fields. Semi skilled workers include fitters, welders, diploma holders in chemical mechanical and electric fields etc… majority of oil field works come under this category. Kuwait job industry seeks semi skilled workers in large numbers. Most of such people land in oil field jobs.

Apart from this main stream work force a lot of supporting workers such as medics, drivers etc… can find jobs in Kuwait. Transportation is a great part of oil industry. Good number of drivers and transport management staff work under it. Logistics professionals are in great demand and experienced hands in logistics and transport can easily find a job in Kuwait.

Management and accounting job comes next in the array. A good administrative team is required for the well running of such huge industries with thousands of people working under various sections. Administrative and managements jobs always remain vacant in oil fields. People with right skills and proper training can get through the selections process.

Medical professionals are in demand in oil fields in Kuwait. They take the responsibility of taking care of all the employees working in each oil field. Doctors, nurses, medical technicians etc… can find they way through this job category.

Most of such recruitment happen through renowned online portals. You may have to search for the job, apply online and get recruited to such openings. Wazeefa1 is one of Kuwait’s leading job portal which recruits candidates into multiple high paid jobs. for more details visit -