Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Telesales Executive Job in Kuwait

Job Description:
  • Develop a monthly customer phone call cycle (Planned and Unplanned Maintenance) to secure committed orders with new and existing customers and gain any competitor held businesses to ensure that individual agreed targets are achieved.
  • Maintain a healthy new business opportunity pipeline and review with Manager on a regular basis.
  • Formulate a personal sales plan that incorporates initiatives for identifying and gaining new business prospects and maximizes growth within the existing customer base.
  • Ensure all customer agreements are cost sensitive so as to ensure a suggested minimum pricing tariff is set and adhered to.
  • Control all documentation and data relating to customer phone calls, agreements and terms of reference to ensure that customer information is maintained accurately in the  customer database.
  • Analyse and monitor customer data to measure success and identify fluctuations/trends so as to decide on the relevant actions to be taken.
  • Manage own time and tasks to achieve maximum new business opportunities and retain maximum existing revenue.
  • Ensure work practices are completed in accordance with Telesales/Commercial Quality Standards.
  • Foster team approach with all fellow team members to achieve yearly team objectives and targets.
  • Meet regularly with the management team to evaluate the personal sales plan/strategy so as to ensure that the required revenue and shipment results can be achieved.

Job Details
Candidates must be residing in :                                                   Kuwait

Job Title:                                                                                               Telesales Executive

Section:                                                                                                 Sales

Experience required:                                                                        1 to 2 Years

The nature of the job:                                                                        Full Time

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Urgently Required FGA Underwriter in Kuwait

Job Description:

  • Review of quote request and consider Treaty acceptance
  • Liaise with Risk Management team for surveys if required 
  • Assess and rate all lines of FGA business with referral to FGA Manager 
  • Negotiate and close new business within FGA
  • Liaise with Reinsurance members after referral to FGA Manager and GM
  • Following up on all documentation from client prior to issuance
  • Follow up with Support function on issuance and deliveries on time including correction and signing of paperwork based on delegated authorities 
  • Feedback to email and walk in queries either new quotes or midterm amendments 
  • Source new business opportunities with direct meeting with clients 
  • Ensure no errors on documentation from Operations staff
  • Determine degree and acceptability of insurance risk through assessing background information on the client by analyzing property characteristics, identifying hazards and reviewing surveyor comments.
  • Accountable for accurate underwriting documentation/information in account management systems and adherence to documentation standards
  • Selecting appropriate and competitive premiums based on information and judgment after studying insurance proposals and calculating the risk.
  • Writing policies and adding specific conditions when required
  • Performs all other work as assigned by direct manager.

Job Details:
Candidates must be residing in :                                                   Kuwait
Job ID:                                                                                                   11736
Job Title:                                                                                               FGA Underwriter
Experience required:                                                                        2 to 5 Years
The nature of the job:                                                                        Full Time

Monday, September 26, 2016

Urgently Required Fire & Gas Technician in Qatar

Job Description:

  • Carries out systematic function test, calibration and repair of various types of combustible gas detectors, toxic gas detectors, flame detectors, smoke detectors, horns, beacons, speakers, F&G controllers, Ex-telephone, radios, deluge systems, CCTV, Weather stations, Safety & environment sections portable equipment and informs any serious abnormalities as observed to F&G specialist for his advice and direction. Cleaning & painting of F&G system.
  • Installation, inspection, testing, maintenance and calibration of F&G detection/ alarm and control systems 
  • Troubleshoot, maintain and repair F&G alarm systems 
  • Perform inspection and testing as per Standard requirements 
  • Carry out the corrective, preventive and predictive maintenance activities for various F&G systems in the company plants, workshops and offsite facilities in accordance with established schedules to achieve effective functionality, reliability and efficiency in accordance with standard operating procedures, HSE guidelines and quality standards 
  • Coordinate with engineers to carryout modifications on F&G systems, industrial communication systems and equipment in plant as directed and in accordance with the modification sheets provided to him with detailed drawing to enhance the efficiency of equipment/ plant 
  • Contractor personnel shall be able to use and maintain all type of testing and calibration of instrument used 
  • Record and evaluate test data 
  • Read and interpret F&G detection system drawings and various codes 
  • Use and care for tools and equipment employed to perform calibration, testing and repair 
  • Working in compliance with the company work policy
  • Carries out loop checking, measures voltage, current, resistance and all other electrical parameters as and when required 
  • Documenting inspection, testing, repair and failure data within the company adopted database system 
  • Checks all security systems and related alarms including trouble shooting and diagnosis of routine/ emergency breakdowns 
  • Participate in the shutdown operations as per defined procedures and standards and in line with HSE guidelines
  • Attend to plant emergencies under the direction of the Automation Supervisor
  • Maintain logbook on maintenance tasks carried out in order to facilitate timely information availability and ready referencing 
  • Provides ideas for continual improvement and reports any near misses noticed 
  • Assist in the preparation of timely & accurate departmental statements and reports to meet and Department requirements, policies & standards 
  • Ensure all relevant quality, health, safety and environmental procedures, instructions & controls are adhered to so that the safety of employees, quality of products/services and environmental compliance can be guaranteed 
  • Performs other similar duties such as observing safety rules and regulations, follow quality procedures as prescribed, maintaining of good housekeeping on sites, substations and workshop 
  • The F&G technician shall wok in accordance with strict system guidelines, established procedures, standard practices, brief notes or detailed instructions. Work is usually monitored by F&G supervisor

Job Details:
Candidates must be residing in :                                                   Qatar

Job Title:                                                                                               FIRE & GAS TECHNICIAN

Career Level:                                                                                      Mid Career (2+ years of experience)

Experience required:                                                                        2 to 5 Years

The nature of the job:                                                                        Full Time

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Smart Answers to Interview Questions

Interviews are defined as smart people meeting smarter once to screen the level of their smartness. Many a times, most candidates fail in interviews because of underestimating the interviewer or themselves. Even if the interviewer asks a stupid question, a smart candidate can prove his smartness by giving smart answers to stupid questions. Let us see some of the commonly asked interview  questions and smart way of answering to them. 

Q: Will you be out to take my job?

A: Maybe in about twenty years, but by then, I suspect you'll be running the entire company and will need a good, loyal lieutenant to help you manage this department!

Q: What if you work here for five years and don't get promoted? Many of our employees don't. Won't you find it frustrating?

A: I consider myself ambitious, but I'm also practical. As long as I am continuing to learn and grow within my position, I'll be a happy camper. Different companies promote people at different rates, and I'm pretty confident that working for you will keep me motivated and mentally stimulated for several years to come.

Q: What is your biggest weakness that's really a weakness, and not a secret strength?

A: I am extremely impatient. I expect my employees to prove themselves on the very first assignment. If they fail, my tendency is to stop delegating to them and start doing everything myself.

Q: You have changed careers before. Why should I let you experiment on my nickel?

A. As a career-changer, I believe that I'm a better employee because I've gained a lot of diverse skills from moving around. These skills help me solve problems creatively.

Q: If you knew that things at your company were rocky, why didn't you get out of the company sooner?

A: I was working so hard to keep my job while everyone around me was being cut that I didn't have any time left over to look for another job. With all of the mergers that have been happening in our field, layoffs are a way of life. At least I gave it my best shot!

Q: From your resume, it looks like you were fired twice. How did that make you feel?

A: After I recuperated from the shock both times, it made me feel stronger. It's true that I was fired twice, but I managed to bounce back both times and land jobs that gave me more responsibility, paid me more money, and were at better firms.

Q: How many hours a week do you usually work, and why?

A: I work pretty long hours most of the time. With the extra time, I try to find ways to "add value" to each assignment, both my own and the firm's. When our clients read our reports, I want them to think that no one else could have possibly written them, except for our company.

Monday, August 15, 2016

Urgently Required Quantity Surveyor in Bahrain

Job Description:

  • Good knowledge of contract and QS procedures and pricing
  • Procurement of materials and confirmation of Sub-contractors
  • Preparation of Sub-Contract Agreement / Works Order
  • Cost Control e.g. budget planning, cost monitoring ,etc
  • Liaise with the Consultant Quantity Surveyor on contractural  matters, progress claims and respective cost claims
  • Evaluation of Sub-contractors and Suppliers claims
  • Measurement on site.
  • Preparation of Final Accounts of project and sub-contractors Account
  • Skills in supervision of junior staff
  • Others quantity surveying related duties 

Job Details:

Candidates must be residing in :                                                   Bahrain
Job ID:                                                                                                   11515
Job Title:                                                                                               Quantity Surveyor
Career Level:                                                                                      Mid Career (2+ years of experience)
Section:                                                                                                 Construction
Experience required:                                                                        2 to 5 Years
The nature of the job:                                                                        Full Time

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Urgently Required Financial Controller in Kuwait

Job Description:

  • The role will manage all group compliance and have
  • Responsibility to create and maintain an environment of robust and effective financial processes,
  • Procedures and controls.
  • Provides leadership and guidance;
  • Assist the Group Finance Department in project work and commercial analysis
  • Oversee and manage all company secretarial activities
  • Develops, champions and implements procedures, policies and internal controls to ensure
  • Efficient business processes to support the delivery of business objectives;
  • Manages group tax compliance and strategy;
  • Manages group industry compliance and insurance requirements

Job Details
Candidates must be residing in :                                                                   Kuwait

Job ID:                                                                                                                   11531

Job Title:                                                                                                               Financial Controller

Experience required:                                                                                        2 to 5 Years

The nature of the job:                                                                                        Full Time

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